Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 12 - {Owl} Watercolor

Hi, it's day 12 of "One Watercolor A Day". Today I didn't really have a theme. Last night I had a urge to sketch. Took out all my drawings, have a look at them and wonder how long it have been since I sketched. So this morning, I packed my sketchbook and pencil and sketch some owls at Mcdonald's again.

I managed to sketch 3 simple owls(the last 3 owls). The rest of the owls I done some months back. All the owls are inspired by pictures I found at Pinterest.

Owl Sketches

So tonight I decided to challenge myself to watercolor the last owl. I loved this owl because it look so cute.

{Owl} Watercolor

{Owl} Watercolor

Many people told me that owl is a night creature and as a child of God, I should'nt like it. But to me, its just a amazing creature that God created. Who says God only create day creatures?? So I'm always puzzled about this reasoning.

I hope you like my watercolor owl and owl sketch. Now time to head to bed. It's way pass midnight at Singapore. So I better stop being an owl and go sleep. LOL..

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

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