Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 14 - {Be Led By Your Dreams} Watercolor

Hi, it's day 14 of "One Watercolor A Day" project. Gosh... I managed to survive 14 days. LOL... And I did notice that my "simple" watercolor idea seems to be getting more "not simple". LOL LOL... But that should be good news, right. It means I'm improving. Yeh!!

Today's theme is to be led by your dreams and not your problems. And recently I read from somewhere that if your dreams doesn't cause you fear (something like that), it won't be a dream. And on the journey to pursuing your dreams, there's bound to be lots of obstacles and problems. But don't let them stop you from going after your dreams.

{Be Led By Your Dreams}

{Be Led By Your Dreams} Watercolor

I love hummingbird. Though they are tiny, they are fast. And they are so petite, cute and colorful!!! So I want to remind myself that though I'm not that "great", I have the right to pursue my dreams and to live a colorful life.

This piece is inspired by a watercolor piece in Pinterest again. I love Pinterest. There's many beautiful pieces that I can try out and learn. My goal for watercolor is to be able to sketch, watercolor sceneries, buildings on the go (be it while travelling or in my daily life). So I want to continue learning watercoloring to achieve this dream.

If you got a dream, go for it. Your dream can be achieved only if you pursue it. Don't be discouraged if you met problems on the way. Just turn around the problem and continue pursuing your dream.

That's all for today. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

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