Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Imaginarium Designs - Fairy Projects

Hi everyone. I'm back to blogging.  And hopefully back to crafting. LOL. Been having post holiday withdrawal syndrome. LOL...

Today I want to share 2 projects that I made for Imaginarium Designs. Will just share photos here. For more details, do hop over to Imaginarium Designs blog.

"What Makes You Different ..." Layout

"What Makes You Different" Layout

Love these photos of my girl. Love her smile always.  But its not often captured in photos. Most times it's my hubby at the side who coax her or make funny faces to make her laugh. And this time too.

"What Makes You Different" Layout

"What Makes You Different" Layout

"Once Upon A Springtime" Fairy Box & Album

"Once Upon A Springtime" Fairy Box & Album

"Once Upon A Springtime" Fairy Box & Album

I love fairy themed projects. So pardon me if I kept creating them. Hee.. Love this collection from Graphic 45. It's my favourite collection so far.

"Once Upon A Springtime" Fairy Box & Album

For this project, I also stamp and watercolored some images with Crafty Secrets Fairyland stamps. Love it!!! And got the chance to practise my watercolor again.

"Once Upon A Springtime" Fairy Box & Album

For the inside of the mini album do hop over to Imaginarium Designs. And do leave a comment over at Imaginarium Designs blog to stand a chance to win a pack of chipboards.

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Imaginarium Designs - "Love you" Layout

Hi, I'm here today to share a DT layout I made for Imaginarium Designs. Absolutely love this month's mood board by Jodie York over at Polka Dot Creative.

This month's theme is All About Girls. So I made a layout of my sweet girl. Love her so much.

"Love You" Layout

"Love You" Layout

When I saw the mood board I immediately thought of this photo and Webster's Page Beautiful Chic collection. Love how pretty and girly this collection is. And in my girl's favourite color, pink.

"Love You" Layout

I wanted to make a simple layout and put the focus on the chipboards. I will be sharing a step by step tutorial below. So here's the close up pictures of them.

"Love You" Layout

And here's the step by step tutorial:

Step 1: Gesso over the chipboard arrows and watercolor with Chiffon Pink Twinkling H2O's.

Step 2: For the chipboard hearts and hexagons, I rubbed with Viva Decor Inka Gold - Gold.

Step 3: Create a mixture of mica flakes and Prima 3D gloss gel and spread on chipboards. Heat dry.

Step 4: Add some glitter glue randomly. And also adhered the chipboard arrows to the hexagons.

Step 5: Create another mixture of Prima 3D gloss gel and Prima copper microbeads and spread randomly on chipboards.

Step 6: Drip Daler Rowney Mazuma Gold Pearlescent liquid acrylic randomly on chipboards.

And here's the results:

I love exploring different mediums and creating textures. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial.  Here's the chipboards I have used:

Here's a bonus project I made with Imaginarium Designs chipboards:
My decorated handphone casing.

This is a "holiday craft" I done with my girl. She decorated two ipod casing while I do my handphone casing. So fun.

I hope you enjoy my sharing. Do hop over to Imaginarium Designs to see what my fellow team mates had done and do leave a comment at Imaginarium Designs blog to stand a chance to win a pack of chipboards.

Have fun. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Die Cut Funs!

Hi, I'm back again today. Want to share a project I did for Off The Rails Scrapbooking. Please hop on over for more pictures and a detailed description.

Die Cut Bookmarks/Pockets
I made all these cute bookmarks/pockets for my planner and book reading use with dies. We got so much scrapbook supplies that can last us a life time. So I tell myself that I need to at least use them once. LOL. Hence I'm trying to focus on at least one type of supplies each month. This month is dies!!!

That's about all. Do hop over to Off The Rails Scrapbooking to see what my fellow team mates had done and also join us in our monthly mood board challenge. Have fun.

Thanks for visiting.

Day 20 - {Imagine} Watercolor

Hi, it's been a few days since I watercolor. Been quite busy this weekend. Plus something tragic happened for Singapore. The Sabah earthquake had claimed the lives of 6 Singaporean primary school kids and 1 teacher. 1 kid and 1 teacher are still missing. As a mum of 2 kids, this really weigh heavily on my heart. It's so heartpain. I pray that God will heal and comfort those who lost their loved ones and also heal those who are injured.

Yesterday I sketch this elf out with pencil and watercolor it. But I sort of spoil the sketch with my watercolor. Sketch is the same but the way I add the toning really can reshape the face. LOL. The nose looks flat and funny. Eyes seems to be narrower. Gosh... Really so tough to do portrait. I think I will stick to sketching with pencil and learn the toning and shading with pencil first. Till I master the skill, I think I won't do portrait for watercolor yet. So gambatte!!!

{Imagine} Watercolor

{Imagine} Watercolor WIP
I like this sketch. Not perfect yet. But I like it.

{Imagine} Watercolor WIP
This is the first coat of color for the skin.

{Imagine} Watercolor WIP
Before I add the leaves

{Imagine} Watercolor
Final product. Sob.. spoil it. You can see the face shape sort of change after I add shading/toning.  Gosh.. Now looks flat and thin face. And flat nose. Like after a botched cosmetic surgery. LOL..

Really not easy to do portrait. But I won't give up. Will continue learning and trying. Step by step.. first with pencil.

That's all for today's sharing. I will be "missing in action" for the next one week or so. Going to church camp and a short holiday in Penang. Look forward to the trip. I will bring along my sketchbook and watercolor kit. Hopefully I got time to create and able to blog about it when I come back.

Oh ya, forgot about another sketch I did in the weekend. This is a quick and rough sketch I did. Want to learn how to sketch quickly. Done this in my Moleskine sketchbook.

Fairyscene sketch

Hope you enjoy my sharing. So see you next week when I'm back from the trip. Have a fun week.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 19 - {The Little Things} Watercolor

Hello. How's your day?? I have been catching up with my DT assignments today. Got one done and another 60% done. And I'm glad that I still can find some spare time to watercolor.

Today I did a flowers and plants background for fairy themed but minus the fairies. Hee... Haven't pluck up the courage to try draw fairies yet. Hopefully after I practised more on the backgrounds that the courage will come. LOL

{The Little Things}

{The Little Things} Watercolor

I use the brush to draw out the flowers and big leaves first, colored them and filled in the background. Then I add the grasses and outline all the flowers and plants. Also added 2 water droplets on the leaf behind. Find that its not so easy to do flowers especially the flower centre. Initially the centers seems flat, then it become too dark. It took me many attempts to save it. LOL.

I put today's theme as the little things. So often in life we tend to neglect the little things that's around us, that happen to us. And today I want to thank God for the little things that surrounds me. Thank God for the flowers, for the birds, for the food, for the clothes we wear, for the simple things in life. So often we only look at things from a macro view. Today let's try to see things in the micro view and thank God for these little things. :)

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. Have fun.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 18 - {Delight In The Little Things} Watercolor

Hi, everyone. Had a wonderful day today. Went out with kids to buy bible study materials and I found a book that I adore in Popular Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex. Gosh... thank you God. You know what I truly love. In the midst of sourcing for bible study materials, God blessed me with another book on watercoloring.

It's a book on watercolor fairy art. Gosh.. love... In the book, there's many beautiful artworks and tips on how to draw and watercolor fairies. I want to try!!!! But I think I need some time to learn how to sketch the fairies and the background out before I can do any watercoloring.

To slow things down for myself without putting too much challenge, I decided to start with mini backgrounds. LOL.. So today I watercolor mushrooms. The butterflies in the picture are stamped out then watercolored. I made a stamping mistake in the cluster of tiny butterflies. Press down too hard and the details are smudged. Gosh....

{Delight In The Little Things}

{Delight In The Little Things} Watercolor

Again I drew the outline of the mushroom clusters with a light coat of brown watercolor before adding darker tone and the colors. Then I drew the leaves and the shadows and grass patch. Love mushrooms!! It's one of my top favourite icons. Hee..

And now I want to share the cover of this Watercolor Fairy Art book with you. Here it is. Aren't the pictures beautiful and oh so tempting... can't blame me for getting it without thinking. LOL.

Watercolor Fairy Art Book

The author drew out this fairies in pencil before she watercolor. It's not stamped out. Wow, right. I want to learn and draw. LOL.. hope it's not too great a challenge. I definitely need time to learn. So in the meantime, do lookout for more mini watercolor fairy/mystical backgrounds.

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Off The Rails Scrapbooking Mood Board Challenge

Hi, it's June. Time for another mood board challenge. This month we have a wonderful sponsor, Charms Creations.
And here's this month's mood board:

I made a layout with this mood board and decided to use die cuts as the main characters.

"You're Pretty Amazing" Layout

"You're Pretty Amazing" Layout

I used Tab dies to cut the 3 tab folders and layered them behind the photos. Then I use different fun diecuts to embellish. Its really a easy and simple layout. 

Love how my kids pose and love their funny faces especially my boy's. Cute!! LOL.

"You're Pretty Amazing" Layout
I used foam tape to pop up the diecut title and photos.

"You're Pretty Amazing" Layout

The circle word dies are from Studio Calico and I love them. Love the glasses dies too. Most of the papers I used are from Simple Stories. 

Do hop over to Off The Rails Scrapbooking to join in the challenge. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Day 17 - {Be True} Watercolor

Day 17!! I have been abit more busy this long weekend. Cleaned, packed, threw and declutter parts of my house especially my kids' room (that's filled with toys and alot of things they have outgrown from). Still far from what I call clean.

But through this clean up, I learnt to accept something about myself. I'm not a clean and organised person. I'm not the daily everything scrub and clean kind. I'm not even a good housekeeper. But that's me. I'm not trying to find an excuse to be lazy. Rather I'm accepting myself that I'm not like others. And why should I be like others? Everyone had different characters, traits, habits etc. Mine is simply not the daily clean and organised type. But I do clean. Just not up to some people's standard. And why I am finding myself at times trying to keep up to others' standard?? I am Me!! So people, please just accept me as what I am and not what you think I can become. I can't and I won't please everyone.

So today I watercolor this bucket and a tablecloth. Yes people I do clean. Just not like you. And I won't become you. I am Me. This is the true me. And I want to stay true to my heart and not people's standard.

{To Thine Own Self Be True}

{Be True} Watercolor

Sorry that today's post seems to be abit harsh and seems to come out of frustration. I'm not frustrated or angry even. Just happy that I can finally tell myself that I'm staying true to myself. I'm the once in a while major clean up type. And now I'm in that mood. LOL.

I need to pack and sort out the study room so I can give my son his room and my girl her own room back. And yes I do need to declutter and downsize especially my crafts stuff. Way too many stuff that will last me a lifetime. I'm sure that many crafters are like me. Or worse than me in hoarding stuff. LOL... So I'm sort of mentally prepared to destash some of my stuff. Putting it here in this blog post so I can push myself to do it. LOL LOL.... And I need to stop adding new hobbies to my list. LOL... So I need to think and focus on the main crafts that I enjoy doing and "abandon" the rest so I can downsize my stuff.

Hmm.. a major task when comes to this. LOL. Which crafts to keep??Scrapbooking is a major crafts already.... along with all the scrapbook supplies. Ok, for this I need to stop buying so many things. And use what I have, give away those old designs and stuff, threw away the scraps (which is alot). For crochet, I need to start doing, sell or give away the finished products and using up the yarns. I haven't been buying any yarns and crochet supplies for many months so I need to keep to this. LOL.

Miniature making. Gosh... I loved this craft. Just need to stop buying new supplies and use existing stash and recycled materials. And to scale down on this. Cannot afford to expand on this crafts. Space is a major issue and though I can pack till very "tight" and nice, I can't justify to myself why I need to do that. Packed more "tightly" and hiding them is worse. Cos the things will accumulate even more if I don't see them and use them up.

Watercolor. Need to do small scale paintings(which I'm good in this area). And use up my existing palettes. I got afew palettes, mostly cheap ones and only one more branded palette (which is my current favourite).

And oh... one major thing. I do not want to convert my hobby into a business anymore. Used to have that dream. But I realised that it's no longer my dream anymore. Life focus have changed. Now I look forward to no stress crafting and a simple crafting dream. And yes, this is part of clean up. Clean up of my crafting life. By this new focus, I no longer need to buy stuff to make and sell. Cos the things I bought end up become more than what I earn. Yes, I'm not a good business lady. And yes, I do not want to become one anyway. Crafting to me have always been just a hobby.

Today's post is quite heavy in contents. So I'm not sure anyone will read finish. LOL. hmmm... I think I want to do another blog candy again. Another way for me to declutter. :) So do look out for my blog candy. I hope I can get it ready and up by next week.

That's all for today's sharing. Hope nobody will stop following me after this post. LOL.

Thanks for dropping by and reading the long, nonsense post. LOL. Have fun crafting.