Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 15 - {Be Brave} Watercolor

Hello. It's a "fun" day for me yesterday. My "baby" brother finally got enlisted in national service. So we went to Pulau Tekong for his enlistment ceremony, visited his bunk that he's going to stay for the next 4 months. LOL. And had "food tasting" of the "Western Food" in the cookhouse. Quite tasty. But according to some the menu seems unchanged over the years. LOL.

One thing amazed me now is how technology is being used in training the soldiers. Though we always see technology at work during war movies, it never fails to amaze me. And wow... each soldier is being given a tablet each for their learning. Ok. Enough talk about the army thing.

Back to my watercolor. LOL.. Last night I watercolored this piece: Autumn Tree. Loved the autumn colors. A pity you won't find that in Singapore.

{Be Brave}

{Be Brave} Watercolor

As everyone know, as autumn comes, trees changed colors of their leaves, dried up and wither, in preparation for winter. Then after winter is over, new leaves shoot out and spring is here. But imagine the leaves start withering and the tree had no idea what's going to happen next. What will go through its mind? "Am I withering? Am I dying? What will happen to me?" Spring seems a far away and impossible future. It seems like a lie. Is it going to stop living? Is it going to give up at this point? Is it brave enough to brave through the storms and harshness of winter? What's the truth? Is Spring really coming?

So I just want to share a simple life lesson here. A reminder for myself too. When the winter comes, do not fear. Be brave, dug deep and weather through the storms. For spring is coming. When you met something that totally drains you and dry you up, do not fear, do not give up. Hold on to the truth (to me it's God) and persevere. Look forward to Spring. There's hope.

For this tree, I watercolor the leaves first before drawing in the trunk and branches. All done with the "precision" tip Winsor and Newton brush. LOL.. ok, it's not precision but tiny brush tip. :P I really love this watercolor palette.

I hope you are inspired by my project. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

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