Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 7 - {Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful} Watercolor

Woo hoo.... I made it to day 7 of "One Watercolor A Day" project. Today I used another sentiment stamp set, Imperfection Is Beauty from Unity/Donna Downey. 

When I see the sentiment "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful", I immediately thought of my spectacles. You might be wondering why. From young, I have always received comments from people that I got beautiful eyes and I should change my thick spectacles to contact lens. And boy... I hated that idea. 

Note: I'm not the pretty girl in my family. I'm the "adorable" one (at least when I'm young). LOL.. And to me, my spectacles are not an accessory to help me see clearly. Its more like a part of me, my body. And why can't people accept that?? Why beauty must have a standard?? So I want to be my own kind of beautiful, with my spectacles. 

{Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful} 

{Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful} watercolor

This time, I used my pencil to outline the spectacles first before I watercolor. Had no confidence to draw straight line with a brush. LOL.. Drew this in Mcdonalds while waiting for my girl's tuition to end.

I hope so far I haven't bore you all with my sharing. Thanks for reading.

Have a fun day.

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