Sunday, May 31, 2015

Day 16 - {I Am Not Who I Was Yesterday} Watercolor

Hi, it's day 16. Today I watercolor my favourite drawing: eyes. I always love sketching eyes, especially realistic eyes. I have sketched different manga eyes and realistic eyes with pencils many times. But this will be the first time that I drew one without pencil or pen. Just with watercolor brush. Not easy to draw fine lines especially the lashes with a brush.

The reason why I love to draw eyes is they convey emotions. Most times you can tell a sincere pair of eyes from ones that are not. When one is down, you can see the sadness emitting from the eyes. When you are happy, one can easily tell from the joy emitting from it.

Today I drew an intense eyes, inspired from Pinterest again. This pair of eyes tell of a determination, like conveying a message that "I'm serious about this!". And what I want to convey is I am not who I was yesterday. Every day is a new beginning and everyday we are changed by what we have gone through the day before. We learnt new things, experience different emotions and events that shape us.

{I Am Not Who I Was Yesterday}

Today, I want to share a work in progress. Something different.

Work In Progess

I first used a lighter color to draw the basic shape then went in with darker colors to outline. Then I do the shading and add the eyeball color (drawing in lines instead of one patch down. hope my explanation is clear :P). Then add in the lashes and the shadows.

{I Am Not Who I Was Yesterday} Watercolor

Here's the end result. Also added some white in parts of the eyes. Love it. Yeh.. So glad to challenge myself. And I think I want to get a bigger Winsor and Newton watercolor palette. Really love this palette. Learnt to mix different colors. In the set theres no black color so I have to mix my own with burnt amber and ultramarine. Also mix the eyeball color with ultramarine and viridian hue. Good to stretch myself in color mixing (something that I'm weak in).

Ok. That's it for today. Hope you are inspired to try watercolor. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Day 15 - {Be Brave} Watercolor

Hello. It's a "fun" day for me yesterday. My "baby" brother finally got enlisted in national service. So we went to Pulau Tekong for his enlistment ceremony, visited his bunk that he's going to stay for the next 4 months. LOL. And had "food tasting" of the "Western Food" in the cookhouse. Quite tasty. But according to some the menu seems unchanged over the years. LOL.

One thing amazed me now is how technology is being used in training the soldiers. Though we always see technology at work during war movies, it never fails to amaze me. And wow... each soldier is being given a tablet each for their learning. Ok. Enough talk about the army thing.

Back to my watercolor. LOL.. Last night I watercolored this piece: Autumn Tree. Loved the autumn colors. A pity you won't find that in Singapore.

{Be Brave}

{Be Brave} Watercolor

As everyone know, as autumn comes, trees changed colors of their leaves, dried up and wither, in preparation for winter. Then after winter is over, new leaves shoot out and spring is here. But imagine the leaves start withering and the tree had no idea what's going to happen next. What will go through its mind? "Am I withering? Am I dying? What will happen to me?" Spring seems a far away and impossible future. It seems like a lie. Is it going to stop living? Is it going to give up at this point? Is it brave enough to brave through the storms and harshness of winter? What's the truth? Is Spring really coming?

So I just want to share a simple life lesson here. A reminder for myself too. When the winter comes, do not fear. Be brave, dug deep and weather through the storms. For spring is coming. When you met something that totally drains you and dry you up, do not fear, do not give up. Hold on to the truth (to me it's God) and persevere. Look forward to Spring. There's hope.

For this tree, I watercolor the leaves first before drawing in the trunk and branches. All done with the "precision" tip Winsor and Newton brush. LOL.. ok, it's not precision but tiny brush tip. :P I really love this watercolor palette.

I hope you are inspired by my project. Have fun.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 14 - {Be Led By Your Dreams} Watercolor

Hi, it's day 14 of "One Watercolor A Day" project. Gosh... I managed to survive 14 days. LOL... And I did notice that my "simple" watercolor idea seems to be getting more "not simple". LOL LOL... But that should be good news, right. It means I'm improving. Yeh!!

Today's theme is to be led by your dreams and not your problems. And recently I read from somewhere that if your dreams doesn't cause you fear (something like that), it won't be a dream. And on the journey to pursuing your dreams, there's bound to be lots of obstacles and problems. But don't let them stop you from going after your dreams.

{Be Led By Your Dreams}

{Be Led By Your Dreams} Watercolor

I love hummingbird. Though they are tiny, they are fast. And they are so petite, cute and colorful!!! So I want to remind myself that though I'm not that "great", I have the right to pursue my dreams and to live a colorful life.

This piece is inspired by a watercolor piece in Pinterest again. I love Pinterest. There's many beautiful pieces that I can try out and learn. My goal for watercolor is to be able to sketch, watercolor sceneries, buildings on the go (be it while travelling or in my daily life). So I want to continue learning watercoloring to achieve this dream.

If you got a dream, go for it. Your dream can be achieved only if you pursue it. Don't be discouraged if you met problems on the way. Just turn around the problem and continue pursuing your dream.

That's all for today. Have fun.

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Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 13 - {Be Strong} Watercolor

Hi, hope you all have a nice weekend. On Sunday, we brought out kids to the nearest seaside Park. Let them play sand at the playground there while I do my sketching. Had great fun. It's so nice to be in nature.

I have always love nature, especially trees. And always very amazed at how each and every trees grow differently. While looking at them, I thought of our creator, our heavenly Father and thankful for his beautiful creations.

One thought pop in my mind as I sketch another owl. "If only I'm good enough to sketch trees!!" But knowing my mediocre skill, I dare not venture into it yet. That's my ultimate sketching goal tho.

So today I tried to watercolor tree instead. It seems easier to watercolor then sketch them out. LOL

{Be Strong}

{Be Strong} Watercolor

The reason I loved trees is because everytime I look at them in details, I find myself get strengthened. How the branches will twist and turn shows how they strive to get sunlight. When the branches are "blocked" by another, they will grow in another direction. It's just like our lives. When we met with some stumbling block, we can chose to go another direction instead of giving up. Eventually we will reach that goal.

And as the tree grow, its roots grew further and wider and longer to reach for water and nutrients in the soil. As I grow, I want to let my "roots" dug deeper into the good soil (God's words) to get living water and nutrients.

So I watercolor this tree to remind myself that life doesn't have to be just one way. There's many twists and turns and obstacles but as long as we hold on to God and continue growing, we will find a way out. So be strong!!

That's all for today. Hope you like my watercolor.

Thanks fro dropping by.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Day 12 - {Owl} Watercolor

Hi, it's day 12 of "One Watercolor A Day". Today I didn't really have a theme. Last night I had a urge to sketch. Took out all my drawings, have a look at them and wonder how long it have been since I sketched. So this morning, I packed my sketchbook and pencil and sketch some owls at Mcdonald's again.

I managed to sketch 3 simple owls(the last 3 owls). The rest of the owls I done some months back. All the owls are inspired by pictures I found at Pinterest.

Owl Sketches

So tonight I decided to challenge myself to watercolor the last owl. I loved this owl because it look so cute.

{Owl} Watercolor

{Owl} Watercolor

Many people told me that owl is a night creature and as a child of God, I should'nt like it. But to me, its just a amazing creature that God created. Who says God only create day creatures?? So I'm always puzzled about this reasoning.

I hope you like my watercolor owl and owl sketch. Now time to head to bed. It's way pass midnight at Singapore. So I better stop being an owl and go sleep. LOL..

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Day 11 - {Creativity Takes Courage} Watercolor

Hi, friends. It's Day 11 of my "One Watercolor A Day". Today's theme is courage.

When I thought of courage, I thought of wings. Reason being it takes courage for a baby bird to take the first step to spread its wings and fly. So I hope that I will have the courage too to learn to fly in my creativity. Not to be afraid of failures or setbacks. But to  embrace them. By doing so, I'm growing and learning to be better.

{Creativity Takes Courage}

{Creativity Takes Courage} Watercolor

Ok, does this look like wings?? LOL.. At least one side of wings. But sob sob.. my hubby say its flowers when I show him. LOL...

Hope you enjoy my sharing so far. Do take courage and fly in your creativity. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Day 10 - {Trust Your Heart} Watercolor

Hi, I'm one day late again in my watercolor. Done this piece last night but too tired to blog after done. Inspired by a piece I saw in google. But I think I done a lousy job out of it. :P

Today's theme is Trust your Heart. Many times we speak and think from our mind and not from our heart. I believe we need to process and mull through all decisions etc with our mind and with our heart. Both logic and emotions need to be considered.

{Trust Your Heart}

{Trust Your Heart} Watercolor

I used a masking fluid to outline the heart before I watercolor. After done, then I rub off the mask. Its my first time using masking fluid. Fun.

Thanks for dropping by. Have fun.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Day 9 - {Find Your Voice} Watercolor

Hi, I'm late by a day again. Gosh... Hope it won't set a new "trend". lol.. hmm... though I'm late in blogging about Day 9, I had done this watercolor yesterday.

My Note4 handphone had an accident yesterday morning. My kids playing beside me while I was busy messaging suddenly hit my phone with their hands. It flew into the air, dropped and hit a metal chair at a coffee shop. And the glass screen cracked!!! And gosh... was I so heartpain. So I sent to Samsung service centre to change the screen at an exorbitant price!!!!!

And I realised one thing: I really depend too much on my handphone. The convenience of using it as a camera to take pics of my projects and then sending to my laptop. So ya... I only managed to take the picture today after I collected my hp. :P

Today's theme is Find your Voice. I'm using the Unity/Donna Downey sentiment stamp set, "Empowered Words".

{Find Your Voice}

{Find your Voice} Watercolor

I thought of a microphone when I saw this sentiment. As a timid girl, I was always afraid of speaking up and had difficulty rejecting people. And this trait had landed me in sticky situations many times. Especially when comes to rejecting sales person. I have to quickly cut off their speech before they finished. Else I would end up saying "yes" though my heart is "no". To many it sounded so rude. But that's my natural response before my "soft-heartedness" lands me in trouble. So today I want to remind myself to say NO and to learn to speak up.

And one funny thing that God had done for me. I was such a shy, scaredy cat girl (especially in the past) and yet He placed me in the church choir. I was following my friend to join a ministry and boy... I had no idea whats that ministry till I'm inside. LOL.. yes.... that's how naive I used to be. And my fear of speaking up or rejecting people caused me to stay on the choir ministry for years. I learned how to project my tiny voice out and to be more confident. And I realised I loved singing for God. And I'm currently still in choir. Thank God for placing me in the right ministry that I can serve him out of my weakness. And through it, He strengthened me.

So for those who are shy and timid and fearful, fear not. Learn to speak up and speak from your heart.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Day 8 - {Like A Lotus} Watercolor

Hello. Weekend is finally here. Today is a busy day for me again. And had a birthday celebration for my mother-in-law too. So today's watercolor post is abit late.

Today's theme is beauty from within like a lotus flower unfolding. I painted the lotus according to the sentiment stamp. First time paint lotus flower. Not sure is it nice. :P

{Like A Lotus}

{Like A Lotus} Watercolor

I stamped and cut out the sentiment this time as the stamp image is too long to fit in the page. Love looking at flowers but please don't ask me to plant one. LOL.. I simply don't have the green thumb like my mom.

I always had inferior complexity especially when I'm young. And had never felt pretty till I met my hubby. LOL.. ok.. actually its more like till I met my Lord Jesus, then followed by my hubby. So today I want to remind myself that my beauty comes from within. :)

Hope you are encouraged by my sharing. And for those who have yet to try watercolor, please do try. It's not as difficult as acrylic, oil or marker(for me at least).

So have fun experimenting. Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Day 7 - {Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful} Watercolor

Woo hoo.... I made it to day 7 of "One Watercolor A Day" project. Today I used another sentiment stamp set, Imperfection Is Beauty from Unity/Donna Downey. 

When I see the sentiment "Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful", I immediately thought of my spectacles. You might be wondering why. From young, I have always received comments from people that I got beautiful eyes and I should change my thick spectacles to contact lens. And boy... I hated that idea. 

Note: I'm not the pretty girl in my family. I'm the "adorable" one (at least when I'm young). LOL.. And to me, my spectacles are not an accessory to help me see clearly. Its more like a part of me, my body. And why can't people accept that?? Why beauty must have a standard?? So I want to be my own kind of beautiful, with my spectacles. 

{Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful} 

{Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful} watercolor

This time, I used my pencil to outline the spectacles first before I watercolor. Had no confidence to draw straight line with a brush. LOL.. Drew this in Mcdonalds while waiting for my girl's tuition to end.

I hope so far I haven't bore you all with my sharing. Thanks for reading.

Have a fun day.

Imaginarium Designs - "Happy Birthday" Card

Hi, everyone. I'm here today to share about my project over at Imaginarium Designs. This month's theme is birthday. So I created a birthday card.

Recently I'm into watercolor projects. So I made this birthday card with watercolor technique. And I combined it with embossing folder (which I bought recently).

"Happy Birthday" Card

"Happy Birthday" Card

I embossed this mason jar on a watercolor paper. Then using washi tape, I masked the sides and watercolor the inside of the jar. Then I gesso the chipboard title and flicked watercolor droplets unto it and the background. Lastly I added half pearls and punched butterflies.

"Happy Birthday" Card

This is the chipboard from Imaginarium Designs that I used:

To see what my fellow team members have done, do hop over to Imaginarium Designs. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 6 - {Be Present} Watercolor

Hi, I'm back again with my watercolor. Its Day 6. Ok, I missed out 2 days of watercolor. Life gets in the way with things to do, my kids' exams period and my girl falling sick. So I'm late by 2 days. To make up for it, I done a more "complex" watercolor.

Today's theme is Be Present. I drew 4 pairs of rainboots representing my whole family. Lately I done a raincheck on my life so far. And I realised that I have missed out abit on my kids' development. Ya, I'm a stay home mum but still I find I'm not always "present" in their lives. Sometimes crafting and crafting "business" have taken a part of my time away. And so I want to remind myself to be more present in their lives.

{Be Present}

{Be Present} Watercolor

Why I drew rainboots? At first I knew I want to draw shoes to symbolise walking together as a family. Then I thought of rainboots because so that we can be united and prepared to weather the storms.

The first pair of boots (my hubby's) is done following a picture I saw in Pinterest. Then I drew 3 more boots and using what I learn from the first pair, to watercolor them in different colors. My girl wanted pink boots and to show my youngest is a boy I painted it blue (though his favourite color is red). Ok. sorry for the sterotyping... :P

I hope you enjoy and are inspired by my watercolors so far. Do try out.

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Day 5 - {Vision} Watercolor

Hi again. It's day 5 of my "One Watercolor A Day" project. Glad that I managed to survive for 5 days without the stress to keep up. LOL.

Today is about Vision. I interpret it as my vision statement for my own life. And that's to be the salt and light of the world, as what God want us to be. Its a very difficult vision to fulfill but all the same I want to strive towards it with God's help.


{Vision} Watercolor

I scraplift this lamp from a picture in Pinterest again. Drew this lamp straight with the tiny Winsor & Newton brush. Its fun. And love how forgiving watercolor is. I can always go over and over it whenever I made a mistake. LOL..

Hope you like my watercolor. And do try out painting straight without using pencil or pen to draw. It really bring me out of my comfort zone and I learn more.

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Day 4 - (Purpose} Watercolor

Hi, it's day 4 of my "One Watercolor A Day" project. Today is about purpose. And the first thing that pops into my mind is the bible and a bible study material titled "Purpose-driven Life" by Rick Warren.

First off, I want to say sorry if I kept mentioning about my faith, especially if you are a non-believer. But please be kind and bear with me. Because that's who I am. A child of God. So to me, everything starts with God. And it's in Him that I found my purpose for life. So today's watercolor is a reminder to myself again that first, I'm a child of God. Second, I'm a wife to my hubby and a mother to my kids. And so on....


{Purpose} Watercolor

I drew a bible representing my faith. And a grass field(nature) representing God's creation and the place where I'm most peaceful and most ministered to.

I hope you are blessed and inspired by my sharing. Do jump on the wagon to do a watercolor piece a day. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Day 3 - {Balance} Watercolor

Hi, I'm here today. Day 3 of my "One Watercolor A Day" project. Today is about balance. Many a times we find ourselves off balance. Either we work too hard and had little time with ourselves or our loved ones. Or we laze too much.

So today I want to remind myself to maintain balance. And the first picture that comes to mind about balance is Nature! And its so important to maintain a balance in nature. If not, there will be negative impact in the environment. This applies to us too. Sickness and stress result if we load too much work and burden on ourselves. So let's all be reminded to maintain balance.


{Balance} Watercolor

I love nature. It just reminds me of my God. And whenever I'm stressed or upset over stuff, looking at nature never fails to perk me up. So I drew this piece, inspired by a picture I saw in a book.

Hope you like my watercolor sharing. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Day 2: {Passionate} Watercolor

Hi, everyone. Today is day 2 of my "One Watercolor A Day" project. I want to share about my passions. And well, crafting is my passion.

I watercolor this simple piece at a KFC restaurant while waiting for my girl's tuition to end. Its just a very easy and simple drawing. Sort of look like a child's drawing. But yes, that's how simple I want it to be. And I hope to improve on my  watercolor skill by simple practice.


{Passionate} Watercolor

I hope I can persevere on to do this project. At least for a month. In that way,  at least I have drawn 30 simple watercolor pieces.

Thats all for today. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Day 1 - {Simplify} Watercolor

Hi, everyone. Today I want to share a new project idea that I would like to challenge myself to. I wanted to do one simple watercolor a day.

The reason why one watercolor a day is so that I can practise more. I love watercolor but I know I'm not good in coloring. So I want to challenge myself to practise more. Simple so that I won't be too overwhelmed by it.

And here's today's watercolor project:


{Simplify} watercolor

I drew this mailbox with my Winsor & Newton watercolor brush and palette. Love this small watercolor palette. Even though it only had 12 colors, it forces me to learn and mix my own colors. I will be using this Unity/Christy Tomlinson sentiment stamp set first.

My lifelong goal is to live simply. Its a simple goal yet so very difficult to achieve, especially in today's society. So I want to start off with telling myself to simplify.

Hope you like my simple project. Have fun.

Thanks for dropping by.