Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Day 17 - {Be True} Watercolor

Day 17!! I have been abit more busy this long weekend. Cleaned, packed, threw and declutter parts of my house especially my kids' room (that's filled with toys and alot of things they have outgrown from). Still far from what I call clean.

But through this clean up, I learnt to accept something about myself. I'm not a clean and organised person. I'm not the daily everything scrub and clean kind. I'm not even a good housekeeper. But that's me. I'm not trying to find an excuse to be lazy. Rather I'm accepting myself that I'm not like others. And why should I be like others? Everyone had different characters, traits, habits etc. Mine is simply not the daily clean and organised type. But I do clean. Just not up to some people's standard. And why I am finding myself at times trying to keep up to others' standard?? I am Me!! So people, please just accept me as what I am and not what you think I can become. I can't and I won't please everyone.

So today I watercolor this bucket and a tablecloth. Yes people I do clean. Just not like you. And I won't become you. I am Me. This is the true me. And I want to stay true to my heart and not people's standard.

{To Thine Own Self Be True}

{Be True} Watercolor

Sorry that today's post seems to be abit harsh and seems to come out of frustration. I'm not frustrated or angry even. Just happy that I can finally tell myself that I'm staying true to myself. I'm the once in a while major clean up type. And now I'm in that mood. LOL.

I need to pack and sort out the study room so I can give my son his room and my girl her own room back. And yes I do need to declutter and downsize especially my crafts stuff. Way too many stuff that will last me a lifetime. I'm sure that many crafters are like me. Or worse than me in hoarding stuff. LOL... So I'm sort of mentally prepared to destash some of my stuff. Putting it here in this blog post so I can push myself to do it. LOL LOL.... And I need to stop adding new hobbies to my list. LOL... So I need to think and focus on the main crafts that I enjoy doing and "abandon" the rest so I can downsize my stuff.

Hmm.. a major task when comes to this. LOL. Which crafts to keep??Scrapbooking is a major crafts already.... along with all the scrapbook supplies. Ok, for this I need to stop buying so many things. And use what I have, give away those old designs and stuff, threw away the scraps (which is alot). For crochet, I need to start doing, sell or give away the finished products and using up the yarns. I haven't been buying any yarns and crochet supplies for many months so I need to keep to this. LOL.

Miniature making. Gosh... I loved this craft. Just need to stop buying new supplies and use existing stash and recycled materials. And to scale down on this. Cannot afford to expand on this crafts. Space is a major issue and though I can pack till very "tight" and nice, I can't justify to myself why I need to do that. Packed more "tightly" and hiding them is worse. Cos the things will accumulate even more if I don't see them and use them up.

Watercolor. Need to do small scale paintings(which I'm good in this area). And use up my existing palettes. I got afew palettes, mostly cheap ones and only one more branded palette (which is my current favourite).

And oh... one major thing. I do not want to convert my hobby into a business anymore. Used to have that dream. But I realised that it's no longer my dream anymore. Life focus have changed. Now I look forward to no stress crafting and a simple crafting dream. And yes, this is part of clean up. Clean up of my crafting life. By this new focus, I no longer need to buy stuff to make and sell. Cos the things I bought end up become more than what I earn. Yes, I'm not a good business lady. And yes, I do not want to become one anyway. Crafting to me have always been just a hobby.

Today's post is quite heavy in contents. So I'm not sure anyone will read finish. LOL. hmmm... I think I want to do another blog candy again. Another way for me to declutter. :) So do look out for my blog candy. I hope I can get it ready and up by next week.

That's all for today's sharing. Hope nobody will stop following me after this post. LOL.

Thanks for dropping by and reading the long, nonsense post. LOL. Have fun crafting.


  1. I love reading personal post , it makes me feel like we are more real and connected in person though we have not seen each other physically. Such a waste to throw away the scraps, especially if they are of acid&lignin free papers. I would love to use them as embellishment for my layouts. I keep all scraps even down to 1" square to make flowers etc. You're water colouring is really fabulous, something which i would never able to pick up.

    1. Hi. thks for the kind words. It's very encouraging to hear that. Indeed it does seems a pity to throw away the scraps. But when the scraps get too much, goshh... can never use finish. LOL. I won't throw everything. Those that can be cut out into ephemera, or those pretty ones I will keep. Some I might use punches or dies to cut designs out and keep in my diecut file. And those that can be given out I will sort and pack into bags. :)