Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Day 18 - {Delight In The Little Things} Watercolor

Hi, everyone. Had a wonderful day today. Went out with kids to buy bible study materials and I found a book that I adore in Popular Bookstore at Bras Basah Complex. Gosh... thank you God. You know what I truly love. In the midst of sourcing for bible study materials, God blessed me with another book on watercoloring.

It's a book on watercolor fairy art. Gosh.. love... In the book, there's many beautiful artworks and tips on how to draw and watercolor fairies. I want to try!!!! But I think I need some time to learn how to sketch the fairies and the background out before I can do any watercoloring.

To slow things down for myself without putting too much challenge, I decided to start with mini backgrounds. LOL.. So today I watercolor mushrooms. The butterflies in the picture are stamped out then watercolored. I made a stamping mistake in the cluster of tiny butterflies. Press down too hard and the details are smudged. Gosh....

{Delight In The Little Things}

{Delight In The Little Things} Watercolor

Again I drew the outline of the mushroom clusters with a light coat of brown watercolor before adding darker tone and the colors. Then I drew the leaves and the shadows and grass patch. Love mushrooms!! It's one of my top favourite icons. Hee..

And now I want to share the cover of this Watercolor Fairy Art book with you. Here it is. Aren't the pictures beautiful and oh so tempting... can't blame me for getting it without thinking. LOL.

Watercolor Fairy Art Book

The author drew out this fairies in pencil before she watercolor. It's not stamped out. Wow, right. I want to learn and draw. LOL.. hope it's not too great a challenge. I definitely need time to learn. So in the meantime, do lookout for more mini watercolor fairy/mystical backgrounds.

Have fun. Thanks for dropping by.

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