Friday, June 5, 2015

Day 19 - {The Little Things} Watercolor

Hello. How's your day?? I have been catching up with my DT assignments today. Got one done and another 60% done. And I'm glad that I still can find some spare time to watercolor.

Today I did a flowers and plants background for fairy themed but minus the fairies. Hee... Haven't pluck up the courage to try draw fairies yet. Hopefully after I practised more on the backgrounds that the courage will come. LOL

{The Little Things}

{The Little Things} Watercolor

I use the brush to draw out the flowers and big leaves first, colored them and filled in the background. Then I add the grasses and outline all the flowers and plants. Also added 2 water droplets on the leaf behind. Find that its not so easy to do flowers especially the flower centre. Initially the centers seems flat, then it become too dark. It took me many attempts to save it. LOL.

I put today's theme as the little things. So often in life we tend to neglect the little things that's around us, that happen to us. And today I want to thank God for the little things that surrounds me. Thank God for the flowers, for the birds, for the food, for the clothes we wear, for the simple things in life. So often we only look at things from a macro view. Today let's try to see things in the micro view and thank God for these little things. :)

Thanks for dropping by and reading my post. Have fun.

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