Monday, October 19, 2015

Calligraphy Craze

Hi, I'm here again. Wanted to share about my recent "new" hobby. Its Modern Calligraphy. I have learnt the basics of calligraphy during my secondary years. I believe the font we learnt is foundational hand. The very simple, non-curvy writing.

Recently I attended a Modern Calligraphy workshop and fell in love with calligraphy again. Being a craft hoarder, yes... I started hoarding calligraphy supplies. LOL. Now I got many bottles of liquid acrylic inks, calligraphy inks and fountain pen inks and of course the writing tools and many different nibs. And I'm amazed by the many many numbers of brands and models and shapes of nibs. It really open my eyes and made me very curious about them.

Here's a sample of my writing practice:

Foundational Hand:

I wrote 2 peoms by Cicely Mary Barker in what i believe to be foundational hand font. Wrote with my Manuscript fountain pen.

Modern Calligraphy that I learnt:

This is written with my Nikko G nib, a harder nib for beginner.

Wrote this with my Manuscript fountain pen. Realised that I can use this type of flat and non flexible nib to write curvy too. Just need to adjust the angle of paper. From the calligraphy workshop, I was given 2 type of nibs: Nikko G nib and Leonardt Hiro 41 flex nib (this nib require more control).

With this I started to explore different fonts and also acquire different nibs. Some nibs are for certain fonts. Like the Banzug nib (flat and broad) is more suitable for Gothic, Batarde etc font. I'm very curious and excited to know about the different nibs and the different fonts. Its so much fun exploring and learning. To date, I got total 13 different nibs. And here's some of what I have written with these nibs:

Wow. This is a long post. But really the calligraphy world is exciting and interesting. And I'm only a beginner. Theres so much to learn and master.

With the many nib holders and Manuscript pens I have, I also sewn myself one fabric holder to store them. Its done using a $2 Daiso fabric place mat. I only fold the top down and bottom up and sew them into small 'pocket inserts' (as shown in picture). I love this fabric place mat. It reminds me of Cath Kidston fabric. Also put in a Eiffel tower charm.

Pardon my messy sewing. Also a beginner in sewing. LOL. seems like I'm beginner in alot of stuff. But it's fun. So don't hesitate to pick up any new hobby. You never know till you try.

Have fun. Hope you enjoy my sharing.

Thanks for visiting.

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