Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Fairy Garden Teapot - A Moment In Time"

Merry Christmas to all my friends!! Its a busy busy season for me and my family. Presents to buy and wrap, rehearsals to go to for our church's performance and tons of projects to do. But all are joyful and blessed tasks.

Today I want to share a project that's been on my to-do list for the longest time: a fairy garden. It started out with the gifting of the rusted "luggage box" from my dear friend. Thanks, Elaine! Have you ever had a moment in time when you wish you are living in a different world? Well, I have. In the world of little fairies. And this is how the title, "A Moment In Time" came about.

"Fairy Garden Teapot"

I torn out parts of the front of the box to make into a "cave-like" opening. Painted the box brown, added some darker brown paint, some texture paste, glass bead gel at torn edges.

Never did I plan to convert the box into a teapot. Its only while I was thinking how to hide the battery box of the "water-like" lights that the teapot idea dawned on me. Yup.. there's lights.

I adhere Prima paper behind and added a few painted chipboard leaves. For the base, I adhere assorted Woodlands Scenic fine turf, pebbles with Scenic Cement glue, added some diecut leaves, some plastic leaves. I also glue down 2 felted mushrooms that I made months ago.

For the handles, I drawn and cut down several pieces from chipboards and layered them. Then I added diecut swirls (Sizzix die) unto the handle before I go over with gesso and brown paint.

For the teapot sprout, I use a toilet roll core, added Prima paper inside. After that I snip twice on one side, glued together (to make one end smaller). Then I cover the core with gauze and thick layers of gesso (thus making my own "plaster") before paint it brown. Added another piece of cardstock inside the core at the bigger opening and snip out flaps. 

Then I adhered the sprout to the box.

I diecut this piece out and wrap around the sprout to cover the white flaps.

For the handle, I glue down the 2 flaps at the end before screwing it in.
Here's the finished result with vines and leaves added.

For the sprout, I also added in a lid made out of diecut round chipboard and tiny hinges and screws. And I hide the battery box inside. This sprout covered the original small opening for the rope handles (which I discarded). So its through this small opening that I inserted the wires connecting the battery box and the lights. When I want to switch on the lights, I just pull out the battery box and switch it on.

I twine vines and added plastic plants unto the handle too.

To decorate the garden, I added Dusty Attic chipboard branches and twine around with vines. Love how it blend together.

Also added Imaginarium Designs chipboard frame, gear and phrase chipboards as the title. Added Viva deco Inka Gold - Silver to the gear and frame. And painted the phrase chipboard black before add black glitter paint. Added a broken piece of the Dusty Attic branch chipboard to the bottom.

I adore this polymer clay doll. Bought it from this etsy shop, Fantasia Creations. Love her dolls!!! Have bought a few more. yeh... more projects to do. The bird nest is bought in a Johore Bahru wedding accessories shop. I'm so going back to get more now.

Here you can see the 2 felted mushrooms that I made. Its been some time since I felted anything. Maybe I should take them out to do again. Fun!!

I hope you enjoy my project and a little tutorial on how to do the handle and sprout. Hope you are inspired to make one yourself. Its not difficult at all. And through this project, I learned creative way to hide the battery box. Thankful!! :)

Well, thanks for dropping by. And do come by often. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year!


  1. this is such a great idea Carol! amazing talent you have for altering objects!

  2. So pretty. Love it. How much did you pay for the fairy clay dolls.

    1. hi. thks. :) I paid USD89 for the doll, including shipping.

  3. wow I'm blown away by your wonderful creations. they are like little miniature masterpieces