Friday, July 25, 2014

More Amigurumis!!

Hi hi... Today I want to share some cuties with you all. Remember my crochet craze?? I discovered a crochet web, Amigurumi Patterns and bought 4 adorable amigurumi pattern books. After I got these books, I couldn't stop crocheting for a month!!! And made some for my friends. Am still doing now.

So here's what I have made:

Jean The Fox
Fox Amigurumi

Isn't it adorable!!! I love it so much!! But this is a gift for my friend who loves fox!!

Fox Amigurumi

Well, don't the white fur at the chest looks like a bib? :P

Fox Amigurumi

Look at the tail!! Cute?? I had a "hard" time stitching the tail to the body. But the effort is worth it. hmm.... abit unbearable to give out but then I told myself ... I will make another one for myself!! Hopefully it will motivate me to crochet more. LOL...

Fox Amigurumi

A photo of "me" & my "friend". hee..

Fox Amigurumi

You can see that I created a "Amigurumi Corner" at one of my Expedit shelf cube. Going to share more goodies and tempt you all to start crocheting.. :P

Thats all for today. Thanks for dropping by.

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