Friday, July 18, 2014

Green Tea Pudding and Cupcake Amigurumi!

Crocheting is a really fun and addictive hobby. When the yards and hook reach my hands, I couldn't bear to put it down. I can crochet and crochet and crochet and even bring to the toilet with me.. oops.. just kidding ....gosh.. maybe I should go to some kind of rehab!! LOL....

So here's the adorable food that I made.

Green Tea Pudding
Green Tea Pudding Amigurumi

I crochet this with a pattern from my crochet teacher, Waisam Ho. You can go over her blog and use her free patterns. Oh.. she had a shop selling her yards and scrappy stuff too.

My owl friend upon seeing my love for amigurumi, she went and tag me links of cute amigurumi patterns. And I made a tiny cupcake from one of the patterns. So so kawaii!!!!

Mini Cupcake and Green Tea Pudding

The body of the cupcake is made of 2 parts and stitched together.

Mini Cupcake and Green Tea Pudding

The flowers on top are glued on. I'm lazy to stitch them down. Plus they are so tiny to stitch. :P

My Amigurumis

Ok. Here you can see the many amigurumis that I made so far... lol... got mushroom, lemon, a purple owl... and the "Teapot Bunny". lol,.... This picture is the one that created the cute name "Teapot Bunny" by my boy. I was inside the bedroom doing my crafts when he ran in excitedly and exclaimed:" Mommy, why is the Teapot Bunny sitting on the owls?" I was super puzzled and curious!! What Teapot Bunny? What owls?? Then he pulled me out of the room and showed me. Gosh!! I couldn't stop laughing!!!  So this is how Pom Pom Purin got the name "Teapot Bunny". lol lol

OK. Thats all for today. Stay tune for more amigurumi adventures!!

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