Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Published..... But Not Me!!

Happy 2013!!!! A year had passed so quickly. Time really flies!!!

Wanted to share something with you. On New Year's Eve, we received a puzzling mail. The sender is from a publishing company in Malaysia. And inside the mail is this:

After several head scratching by me and my hubby, it suddenly dawn on me. A few months back, my girl drew a picture of Barney and asked me to send to the "Barney" Magazine in Malaysia. And the next thought came to me, "Oh My!!! Don't tell me my girl's drawing got selected to be published???"

What followed is panic!!!! Rational reasoning tells me that if we got this in Dec, it must mean the magazine is dated for Dec 2012. And the day we received this cup is the last day of Dec!!!!! And we haven't been buying this magazine for a few months. So we, as a whole family went around our town searching for this magazine at bookstore, new stands, supermarkets!!! But everywhere are sold out.

And our last resort is to search for it the next day at the biggest book store in the city!!!! On the way home, dejected, we passed by a petrol kiosk. And I just suggested to my hubby, "why don't we go in and see whether the store at the petrol kiosk got any stock?". While driving in, I kept praying for God to help us find it. And to my joy, there's 4 magazines left!!!!! I couldn't contain my joy and thankfulness!!!! I called my hubby immediately (he's in the car with the kids) and tell him the good news!!! And I bought 2, one for my girl and one for me to keep. Hmmm..... Should I scrapbook about it??

And here's the magazine:

And her artwork:

We are one proud parents!!!!! Told my hubby that my first publication is at age 34 and hers is at age 7. Ha ha.... But the joy of our girl's publication far exceeded mine. :) So happy and thankful!!!

Well, its a joyful beginning of 2013. Oh ya, I made a 2013 organiser. But had no time yet to take photo and the wet weather doesn't help too. I will try to take a picture of it and share with you. :)

Thanks for dropping by and reading my rambling!!!! But thanks for sharing the joy!!