Sunday, November 25, 2012

Prima Workshop with Anna Dabrowska in Singapore

Hi hi!! How are you?? I know I have not been frequent in my blogging. Very busy these few days. My mother-in-law was hospitalised in ICU with heart problem. So everyday is like going to and fro the hospital and home. But good thing that the hospital is just about 5 minutes walk away from home. She will be going for a procedure tomorrow morning to locate the blocked artery and to expand it. Pray that she will be healed. Any prayers are welcome.

Well, yesterday, after rushing back from hospital, I rushed to attend the Prima mixed media canvas workshop conducted by my favourite designer, Anna Dabrowska. I have always been a big fan of her. So I'm very excited that she's coming and I registered for her class the first day of registration!!!

Here's a picture of me with Anna Dabrowska:

And here's the canvas I created during the workshop:

I love this canvas and the techniques she used. Learned alot about light and shadow too. Cant share too much here as think not fair to those who attended the workshop (the fees is not cheap).

Here I did make a bit of mistake.  I misted too "hard" near the photo. You can see the small "splat" at the edge of photo. ha ha... think I need to touch up and add more stuff to cover that mistake up.

After attending this workshop, I want to create more. But for now, too busy and worried to do more stuff. So I hope I can create more canvas with same techniques soon, in case I forgot about it. :)

Well, I hope you are creating!!! Have fun!!

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