Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Shabby House

Hello to all dear friends. Thanks for dropping by. Just want to share a project that I learnt to make during a crop session organised by my friend, Elaine. Its such a fun session. Lots of paintings, gluing, cutting and so on. This session is making "doll house"!!!!

From young, I always had a love for doll houses. And in my display cabinets, I had 3 doll house areas (a padlocked and forbidden ground for my kids, :P). ha ha... I wish I could make my own doll houses from scratch. But in Singapore, its so hard to get the cutting machine(or saw??) to make my own. So I bought all 3 doll houses and make my own decor or furnitures or food etc. I love doll houses!!!!!

So when my friend organised this session, I immediately signed up for it. Even though the doll house is made of paper, I love it!!!! I added some new elements to it as well. And here's my version of the shabby house:

Front view of house. All materials are provided by my friend except for some newly added elements. New elements added: My Little Shoebox girls.

Top View
I love this pink house. My fav color and no. 31 is my birthdate!! Note: the white flower pot is actually a cone, painted and inserted into the styrofoam base.

Loved this pavement. Made of wood circles and small pebbles. Hard a tiring job of sticking them down. But loved the end result.

 Note: the baseball bat and mitts are newly added in. Found them at a beads shop after the session.

 Little corner garden. Added the blue fake flowers. I love the fake leaves.

Thanks to another friend, Alice Choo, who gave me this tangling heart, I attached it to the burlap as a wind chime.
 New elements: My Little Shoebox girls and the laundry basket and its contents.

New elements: the wood table (I made) and the gingerbread men(bought it last year). And I love the broom too. Also thanks to Alice who made it "bushy" for me so it won't look so stiff and fake. : )

The laundry line. I made the wire hanger too. 

I had such a fun time creating this shabby house. My girl loves it too and she had requested me to make one for her. ha ha.. ya. She knows that this house is mine. :P Well, I will try my best to make another one for her to play with. Hopefully soon..

Had a rather busy day these few days as school had reopened and busy with my girl's schedule. Will try to post the 3rd Blog Candy as soon as possible. 

Hope you all will be inspired by this project. And thanks for supporting me thus far. Had a fun week!

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