Monday, November 12, 2018

Travel planner "kit"

Hi. Everyone. How have you been? I'm "busy" preparing and researching for my upcoming Japan trip. Can't wait!! So today I want to share with you what is inside my travel planner kit.

This is my 2nd time to Japan. So I sort of know what to expect n what to bring. I'm packing most stuff in a pink storage bag to check in (as I'm bringing a tiny pair of scissors). For my traveler notebook I will put inside this green sling bag that I bought in Japan in my first trip. Love it so much. And its cheaper than in Singapore. Happy buy!

Here's what I brought:

1) Traveler notebook. I prepared a blank insert just for recording my day to day in Japan. And I carried my notebook with me everywhere I go. The rest of stuff I just put at my accomodation for me to finish journal and deco at night.

2) Sticker book with washi inside. I did bring afew rolls of washi (Japan themed) but I wanted more choices so I stick them in the sticker book. Thanks to my friend, Aiyen, who gave me this sticker book. I also brought my washi tape cutter. This is optional since I brought my scissors with me.

3) Stamps. I brought 3 stamps with me this time. One from traveler notebook shop in last trip n 2 roller words stamps (travel themed).

4) A mini pair of scissors. I love this scissors as its v tiny n cute. The blade slides down the handle and become hidden. Its really compact to carry with.

5) A small set of color pencils. This is really useful as I do draw some simple pictures like food I ate, places I been to. This set is small enough to put inside a zippered folder in my traveler notebook. And it comes with a small eraser amd a tiny sharpener. V useful.

6) Pens, mini pencil and highlighters. Essential for journaling.

7) Glue tape. This is really essential if you plan to tape down receipts, postcards & tickets etc. You can also use washi to tape down but I still find using tape glue is better.

8) Correction tape. Ok. I'm abit paranoid when come to journaling mistake. So a correction tape is important.

9)Inkpads. Ok. Of course I have to bring inkpads if I'm bringing stamps. Ha ha. But even if you don't bring stamps inkpads are equally essential. I like to collect stamped images in my travel. And in Japan theres alot of places like in subways, places of attractions that have stamps available for you to collect the images. And sometimes the inkpad they provide is dried up so its important to have one on hand.

This trip, my to buy list is long. Stationery is of course a must buy. I plan to visit Loft and Tokyu Hands and probably Sekaido. Second thing I want is Sailor moon stuff. I'm a fan but not the super crazy type. Lol. But I had no idea what came over me these few days. Probably due to the many youtube videos I watched. Gosh. Now I want Sailormoon pens, pencils, keychains, tshirts, bags and even figures. Hope I can find. Fingers crossed.

Ok. Thats all for my sharing. Hope you enjoy it. Have fun crafting.

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