Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kitty Amigurumi and Instagram Bag

Hi, I'm here again to share about my crochet projects!! Using the pattern from the book, Zoomigurumi 1, I crochet a pink kitty for my dear friend, Karen. She loves cats!! And her cats are gorgeous and extremely shy!! I hope she loves this kitty I made for her.

Kitty Amigurumi

The shoes, dress and head band can be taken out. I especially love the shoes. They are so cute!!!

Kitty Amigurumi

Here's the side view. Aren't the shoes adorable!!!!

"Good Friends"

Here they are: 3 good friends together. Me (Giraffe), Fox (Aiyen) and Kitty (Karen) together!!!!Before I gave them out. I got 2 more amigurumis to crochet for 2 other owl friends!!!! Fun!!!

And here's another project I made. Its inspired by my crochet teacher, Wai Sam Ho. She made the gorgeous instagram bag and I copy the idea to make one for myself. Love them though its abit too small... But good enough size to put my HP portable charger. I used the clasp handle from Daiso. But atlas... now I can't find it anymore. :(

Instagram Bag Crochet

Btw, if you are interested in this instagram crochet bag, you can hop over to my teacher's website to purchase one. (fyi: I'm not earning any commission etc by recommending her... I just like her stuff and wish to share with you all). Here's her website:

I hope you all enjoy my projects today. Have fun creating!!

Thanks for dropping by.

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