Sunday, April 21, 2013

Acrylic Painting Class

Hi hi!!! Recently I attended a acrylic painting class at a local art studio. Its a fun class yet abit stressful... ha ha... because its the first time that I'm painting a big canvas, 18 inch by 24 inch!! So after each session, my arms ache!!! Oh my!! Sign of not enough exercise!!!

Here's the first painting that I have done. Took me a few lessons to get it done!!! Alot of texturing to do on the cliffs and rocks. I'm not very happy with the clouds though. Might amend abit!!!

My acrylic seascape painting

Below is the actual photo that I'm "copying"!!!

My acrylic seascape painting

These cliffs took me 1.5 lessons to get it done and that's 3.75 hours!!! oh my!!! I'm too slow!!

My acrylic seascape painting

This rock is my favourite!! Hee!!!

For my next painting, I think I want to paint a landscape of autumn forest!! I loved trees and the autumn colours are just too pretty and invokes peace and tranquility in me. Just hope that while painting, I can be at peace and not get stressed out by the details!!! ha ha...

Thanks for visiting. Have a fun week!!