Thursday, August 2, 2012

Big "Move" of Crafting Space

Hi, everyone!!! Been so busy this week!!! No time for crafting too!!! I'm moving my craft space from my temporary study room to my master bedroom!!! And that means downsizing!!!!! Ha ha.... If you all still remember my messy crafting room., that means me got alot of reorganising to do!!! A really major task!!! Been packing, throwing stuff, reorganising since last Saturday till now. Still got tons to do!!!! So tired!!! So have not been cooking for past few days till today!!! Phew!!!

Here's some pictures of my old messy crafting room while shifting in progress:
 Very very very messy, right!!! Sigh!!! Look forward to a clean room!!!

 Stuff on the floor, everywhere, waiting for me to sort out!!!

 Now that I'm shifting, where to place all these finished projects??? No idea yet. ha ha.. Only managed to shift some over.

In the midst of shifting, found at least 2 boxes of stuff to destash or give away!!!! And I expect lots more to be added in. I got stuff as long as from 7 years ago. Oh my!!

And here's my new crafting corner with new IKEA furnitures in my master bedroom.
Love the white furnitures!!! Initially wanted to get birch and white combo. But only white furnitures are cheaper in IKEA. So in an effort to save cost to buy other storage boxes, got to go for all white. But I love them!!!!! And now can see the pale blue walls of my room!!! Before, it was also full of "rubbish"!!!! Confirmed one thing about me, I'm a rubbish collector!!! Ha ha ha ha.......

My new crafting space!!!! But still got tons of stuff haven't bring over. Spent the whole day yesterday taking out all the embellishments and flowers from original packagings and storing them in compartment boxes. Boy, I saved alot of space doing this!!!! Learnt alot from my friend, Elaine. She's the one who strongly encouraged and motivated me to reorganise my craft space!!! Thanks so muchie, Dear Elaine!!!!

Finally my die-cut machines got a "parking" space!!!! :P Hope it will stay clean as now!!! Fingers crossed!!

Oh wait, think I left out one old bookshelf at the other corner. I forgot to take picture of that. Ha ha.. Anyway, I will share again about my new craft space when everything is organised and clean again!!!! Now still in progress!!!! Way too many stuff over at old room waiting to come over!!!! This is like an upgrade for  them. Ha ha... Upgrade from HDB (housing flats) to condominium!!! Ha ha....

The most happy thing about shifting over to my master bedroom is: Finally, I can scrapbook in an AIR-CONDITIONED room!!!!! Ha ha ha.... yeah!!!!! No need to endure the afternoon heat!!! Good for my migraine but bad for my pocket!!! :P

Well, thats all for now!! Will try my very best to clean up both rooms and update here. May God grant me lots of wisdom and strength in this shifting process.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


  1. Wow ! can't wait to play in your newly upgrated craftroom ;) It's so nice !

  2. You new space is beautiful. I'm still trying to get my stuff organize so I know what you are going through.

    ♥ My Crafting Channel ♥

  3. Fantastic Space love how it turned out :)

  4. Your new craft space looks Awesome :)

  5. wow! i wish my crafting space was as organized as you made yours. :)