Sunday, January 15, 2012

I'm still here

Hi all, it seems like I disappear for a while. But me still here!!! Ha ha.. just that past 3 weeks are quite hectic for me. First, I got sick on Christmas day, then on New Year day, got a severe migraine attack that lasted for 2 weeks. Till today, I still get migraine every day. Mine is chronic daily migraine. But the attack on New Year day is really terrible.Vomited!!! Adding to that is my gal started her Primary One schooling. So for past 3 weeks, I didn't manage to scrap much. A lot of projects are piling up. My doodling album, my contribution of cards for the Make A Card For Needy Campaign, ATC swap etc.....

Pray that I can start "work" tomorrow. Looking forward to scrapping again!!!

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