Monday, December 12, 2011


Recently I recommended a book to National Library Board. After a few weeks of consideration, they decided to buy this book for the library. And once it arrived, I borrowed this book. Its all about doodling. Here's a picture of this book:

Was so excited when I borrowed this book. Me loved doodling and was trying out different patterns from this book. I was introduced to doodling by Jasmine from Made With Love. Attended a class by her a few years back.

Today, I drew a trial piece using the guide from this book. Here's my version:

Doodling is so addictive!!! Me decided my next project will be making a mini album of doodling. And my challenge for myself is to doodle alphas. Yap. I was a bit scared to tackle alphas as I find my handwriting a bit too cute and cartoon, unlike my sister's. Her handwriting is so nice and curvy and "grown-up". Ha ha..

Hmm... Another idea formed in my mind now. How about combining doodling with chipboard shapes?? Well, do follow my blog and find out how my project turns out. Stay in tune!!

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  1. Wow , awesome doodling and great idea to do a mini book too!!!