Monday, May 25, 2015

Day 13 - {Be Strong} Watercolor

Hi, hope you all have a nice weekend. On Sunday, we brought out kids to the nearest seaside Park. Let them play sand at the playground there while I do my sketching. Had great fun. It's so nice to be in nature.

I have always love nature, especially trees. And always very amazed at how each and every trees grow differently. While looking at them, I thought of our creator, our heavenly Father and thankful for his beautiful creations.

One thought pop in my mind as I sketch another owl. "If only I'm good enough to sketch trees!!" But knowing my mediocre skill, I dare not venture into it yet. That's my ultimate sketching goal tho.

So today I tried to watercolor tree instead. It seems easier to watercolor then sketch them out. LOL

{Be Strong}

{Be Strong} Watercolor

The reason I loved trees is because everytime I look at them in details, I find myself get strengthened. How the branches will twist and turn shows how they strive to get sunlight. When the branches are "blocked" by another, they will grow in another direction. It's just like our lives. When we met with some stumbling block, we can chose to go another direction instead of giving up. Eventually we will reach that goal.

And as the tree grow, its roots grew further and wider and longer to reach for water and nutrients in the soil. As I grow, I want to let my "roots" dug deeper into the good soil (God's words) to get living water and nutrients.

So I watercolor this tree to remind myself that life doesn't have to be just one way. There's many twists and turns and obstacles but as long as we hold on to God and continue growing, we will find a way out. So be strong!!

That's all for today. Hope you like my watercolor.

Thanks fro dropping by.

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